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Consequence was a casual raiding guild formed in BRF (WoD). Near the end of Nighthold the GM changed hands (Tearshed) and the guild started to take a more hardcore approach to raiding in only 9 hours. At the end of Nighthold 'Marshmallon' joined the guild and brought a handful of raiders from <Coast to Coast> Emerald Dream (US150) to help the guild progress in TOS. During TOS Consequence slowly merged with <Grande Trine> (US200) to help improve our roster. At the end of TOS the remaining old officer core from WOD/early legion departed the guild and new leadership stepped up. Throughout Antorus the guild continued to make leaps in progression and ended in the US top 200. Moving into BFA we plan to push to be the best we can sticking to 9 hours.

GM: Tearshed (Death Knight)
Raid Leader: Marshmallon (Hunter)
Healing Officer: Moarbacon (Restoration Shaman)
Tank Officer: Ickymonk (Monk)

Nighthold: US 500 World 1463
TOS: US 319 World 987
Antorus: US 187 World 525
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